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Don’t Touch The Homepage

I can’t seem to stop changing up the Camp FIRE Finance homepage. My intentions are good, but I can’t help by wonder: does all of this updating my homepage hurt SEO? I make minor tweaks to my homepage multiple times per week. It’s not uncommon for me to make major changes multiple times per week […]

Around the Camp FIRE – April 2019

I’ve had every intention of posting monthly behind-the-scenes updates on Camp FIRE, but when life gets in the way, this humble blog is lowest on the ol’ priority list.  My post frequency suffers as a result.  But as luck would have it, I’ve got a bit of time today to try and crank out a […]

Spreading Financial Independence Awareness

Can you believe that it’s almost International Financial Independence Day?! Do you remember when you first learned about the FI/RE concept? If your experience was anything like mine, it was a true epiphany moment! The idea resonates with so many because of its simplicity. One moment you’re relatively clueless about finances, investing and retirement planning […]

Get Rich Quick’ish moving forward

This site is been hoppin’ lately! After a year of very little acitvity, you might be wondering what’s going on? Four posts in four days!?! Okay, nobody is wondering what’s going on, but I’ll let you know anyway. I’m back on GRQ mostly because I’m finally committed to the idea of using GRQ as a way […]

Camp FIRE Finance: One Year Down

Well, year one is officially in the books! What started off as a little-known weekly blog roundup on Get Rich Quick’ish has become a recognized and go-to site within the FIRE movement for financial independence and early retirement content. This is a quick & dirty recap of our first year, including our strategies and some […]

Introducing the FIRE Directory from Camp FIRE Finance

The FIRE Directory from Camp FIRE Finance Hey all, we’re really excited about the FIRE Directory.  We’ve got high hopes for this and feel that it can become a great resource not just for the PF blogging community, but for anyone that’s interested in the FIRE movement. We’ hope you’ll take 10 minutes to create […]

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Camp FIRE: the best personal finance and early retirement articles from the web

Camp FIRE Finance

Are you a fan of the FI/RE movement? Then Camp FIRE Finance is the place for you. This is a community for those seeking FIRE, by those seeking FIRE.

425 Day

4/25 Day

Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness was full of crap. Life is better when money isn't a concern. 4/25 Day is our way of spreading awareness of how to reach F.I.

Get Rich Quick'ish

Get Rich Quick'ish

GRQ is a blog about a blog. How meta. If you're interested in the behind the scenes workings of Camp FIRE and 425 Day then Get Rich Quick'ish is the site for you.

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